Mac Security or Endpoint Machine Hardening Strategies

Mac Security:

Endpoint Machine Hardening Strategies For Mac:

Mac Security


Security plays a crucial part for any server or computer configuration. These tutorials will help you step by step for maximizing and improving the mac security.


  1. Check whether the installed operating system is genuine and updated MAC OS 10.11.
  2. Create administrator and normal user account.
  3. Install third party antivirus software.
  4. Application access control.
  5. Gatekeeper


  1. Need to check whether the OS & installed are full version & not pirated ones
    • If it is a pirated one need to install original MAC OS 10.11.
    • From mac OS version 10.11 onwards (EI capitan) its available.
    • There is a fewer feature called “system ingerity protection” i.e “ root restriction” means a root user cant modify the key kernel files, alias “rootless” in apple terms.
  2. Creating Root & normal user Account
    • Creation of super & standard user a/c.
    • Add standard user to sudoers list
  3. Apple also has a antivirus named “X-protect” but it is simple signature based, installing thrid party endpoint security software like Mac Internet Security X9 ( would be a safer option.
  4. Application access restriction/control with “parental control” and with “Little Flocker”
    • We can implement white listing of apps.
    • Little flocker is a fine-grained control & tracking over apps
  5. Gatekeeper
    • Restricting user from downloading apps only from Mac store. Works has an anti-malware application.
    • By default it is disabled.